Contractors hiring Kubota excavators from HSS will now get manufacturer service support as part of the deal.

1479453487_hssthurrock927Above: Kubota’s Dave Roberts and HSS regional sales director Darron Cavanagh

Kubota UK and hire firm HSS have struck an agreement that they described as an industry first.

An initial 200 Kubota mini excavators are being made available from HSS Hire depots across Greater London with manufacturer’s back-up for a trial period. If successful, the plan is to roll the contract out across the HSS network of more than 300 locations across the UK.

The machines will have next-day delivery guaranteed, GPS tracker technology and a 24/7 four-hour breakdown response service.  Kubota will also be providing specialist maintenance, co-ordination and troubleshooting under the agreement.

Kubota excavator models within the initial 200-machine deal include 100 of the U17-3 (1.5 tonne) zero tail mini excavators, 70 of the KX61-3 (2.5 tonne) machines and 30 of the K008-3 (1 tonne) micro excavators.

HSS Hire chief executive John Gill said: “Mini diggers are really important items of equipment to all our customers and there is clear demand for this type of ‘mini plant hire’ throughout London. We are committed to HSS’ customers having the tools they need, where and when they need them, delivered with seamless customer service. Our partnership with Kubota allows us to do this and we aim to win new and deepen existing customer relationships with the service which is available now.”

Kubota UK managing director Dave Roberts added: “All of us at Kubota are delighted and really grateful to have been chosen as preferred supplier to HSS Hire for mini excavators, and we are excited to be rolling out this new initiative with HSS in the London area over the coming months.

“As major brands, the synergies between our businesses are clear and this has helped forge a strong relationship very quickly during the build up to the launch, which is key to any partnership, and we are confident this will continue to go from strength to strength.”

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