Buying Advice for Used Plant Machinery 

Thanks to the internet, searching for good quality used plant machinery and construction equipment has never been easier. Below are some hints and tips to assist you in your search for the right machine whether you are looking for mini diggers, excavators, dumpers, cherry pickers, access platforms, forklifts, or any other machines in the construction, landscaping and agricultural industries.

1. Check the Seller’s Reputation

It is always advisable to ensure that the person from whom you are buying from is a genuine and reputable seller. Never rely on what the seller is telling you about their reputation, speak to others in the industry such as other plant dealers or friends or carry out some online research to give you a more impartial view of their business.

2. Make Contact with the Seller

Prior to contacting the seller make sure you are clear on what details you need to know to ensure it is the right machine for you. It may help to have a list of questions ready to ask, to ensure you get all the required information and avoid time wasting later on. If the person you speak to does not know the information themselves, any reputable dealer will be happy to find out the information and get back to you. Before contacting the seller, make sure you know your budget, the market price and be realistic.

3. View the Machine

When possible, make an appointment to view the plant machinery before purchasing it. Meeting the dealer and checking the mechanical soundness of the plant machinery is the most crucial part of the transaction. If you are not knowledgeable of the mechanics of the particular machine, then take someone with you who is, any reputable dealer would expect you to investigate the mechanical soundness of the machinery in question and should not have any objections – if they do then you need to ask yourself why.

These hints and tips are provided for guidance onlyCoPlant Ltd does not take any involvement in the negotiations or agreements conducted between the seller and the buyer nor does it provide recommendations or guarantees to the authenticity of any individuals, companies or organisations.

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