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Hitachi Construction Machinery UK (HCMUK) has launched the new ZX530LCH-6 large excavator. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of large-scale construction projects and quarries, it offers the highest level of durability without compromising on efficiency.

With added protection for key components and high-quality materials, the new Zaxis-6 excavator offers exceptional reliability and outstanding availability. It incorporates unique Hitachi technology developed specifically for the Zaxis-6 large excavator range, and has incredibly versatile features for a wide range of challenging working environments.

Several features enhance the durability of the ZX530LCH-6 in line with Hitachi’s overall goal to build the ultimate excavator. The boom has been reinforced with thicker plates, and the undercarriage consists of robust components including the track link, master pin, idler pedestal and bracket, and upper roller bracket.

The new Zaxis-6 large excavator incorporates other high-quality components such as the in-cab console, which is made of weather-resistant AES-grade resin that prevents damage from UV rays. The upper structure has high-quality sealant (around the cooling package) and acoustic materials to eliminate any deterioration caused by heat. These ensure the machine’s long-term cooling and low-noise performance.

HIOS IIIB technology developed by Hitachi offers exceptional efficiency. It uses two pumps and control valves to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs. The ZX530LCH-6 can save up to 5% fuel in ECO mode, with the same productivity as the previous model. This hydraulic technology also has a positive impact on productivity, due to the efficient swing, boom lowering, arm and bucket roll-out.

Another example of advanced technology is the after-treatment device that results in fewer emissions and a quieter performance. It consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst, urea mixing pipe, (selective catalytic reduction) SCR system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide NOx). Pollutants are also reduced by the variable geometry turbocharger and high volume-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR).

Attachments for carrying out different tasks can be easily fitted to the versatile ZX530LCH-6 using the attachment replacement support system. An electronically controlled pressure adjustment feature also protects the attachments during installation.