Yanmar ViO10R Mini Excavator

MAKE: Yanmar
WEIGHT (KGS): 1220
Width (mm): 830/1000
Dig Depth (mm): 1950
Dump Height (mm): 
Engine Power (KW & HP):
9.2  12.5
PRICE: £p.o.a. + VAT


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The ViO design principle offers true Zero Tail Swing, neither the counterweight or front part of the upper frame exceeds the width of the crawlers allowing the machine to work in narrow areas.
Performance is enhanced with the patented Victas® Track System. The increased footprint allows greater sideways stability and higher lifts capacity.
The VIPPS® progressive 3 pump hydraulic system gives powerful and simultaneous operations, even during travel.



  • Upper frame rotation within track width
  • Possible to work very close to obstacles and in confined spaces
  • Cutting edge power-assisted hydraulic controls
  • Excellent stability (Victas® asymmetric tracks, exception of ViO10)
  • Clean and quiet Yanmar engine.
  • Full range of attachments available.


Here’s the shape for simple and efficient work in confined spaces. the vio10-2a is a tenacious worker for narrow spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe laying and landscaping.


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