Yanmar SV16 PR Mini Excavator

MAKE: Yanmar
WEIGHT (KGS): 1590
Width (mm): 980
Dig Depth (mm): 2005
Dump Height (mm): 
Engine Power (KW & HP): 12.1  16.5
PRICE: £p.o.a. + VAT


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The SV16 range offer compact dimensions and high performance levels. They are ideal for working in urban areas offering superb all round visibility for the operator. Their robust construction using modular assemblies with steel rear and side panels gives these machines greater durability. Easy access to all maintenance points give a significant decrease in service times and operating costs, as well as being easily transported with all accessories on a trailer


Based on our unique experience and expertise, Yanmar produces reliable mini-excavators with high performance. The SV16 is equipped with all the necessary equipment to guarantee you an exceptional productivity.

Flow-Sharing closed-center hydraulic system

The SV16 hydraulic circuit is characterized by the proportional distribution of the flow rates. This system guarantees precision, flexibility, power and perfect simultaneity of movements. It allows the operator to perform all movements with an excellent performance, regardless of the flow rate or the load. The joysticks are very easy to handle and makes operator control of the machine’s work even easier.
Auxiliary hydraulics come standard

A proportional control auxiliary line allows the use of many accessories such as a hammer or an auger. The oil flow rate is adapted to the use of each device. The operator thus has a perfect mastery of the accessories.

A powerful engine that remains respectful of the Environment

The YANMAR TNV engine has been designed to combine high power and cleaner emissions. With its sophisticated injection system, it meets the European Commission (EC) emission standards. Its quiet operation makes this engine friendly to people and the environment



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