Yanmar SV16 PR (Canopy) Mini Excavator

MAKE: Yanmar
MODEL: SV16 PR (Canopy)
WEIGHT (KGS): 1730
Width (mm): 980 
Dig Depth (mm): 2005
Dump Height (mm):
Engine Power (KW & HP):
12.1 16.5
PRICE: £p.o.a. + VAT


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The SV16 range offer compact dimensions and high performance levels. They are ideal for working in urban areas offering superb all round visibility for the operator. Their robust construction using modular assemblies with steel rear and side panels gives these machines greater durability. Easy access to all maintenance points give a significant decrease in service times and operating costs, as well as being easily transported with all accessories on a trailer



  • Precise and simultaneous movement
  • Excellent stability
  • Spacious and ergonomic drivers cab
  • Reliable and economical Yanmar engine
  • Clear access for all maintenance operations
  • Full range of attachments available


A transportation weight of only 1655 kg* and a very compact undercarriage enable the SV16 to be transported with its accessories on a trailer. Quick loading and easy transfer from one site to another enable to improve the productivity. 4 anchor points facilitate the fixation of the machine during transports. It provides a power and an exceptional productivity which, associated to an excellent stability, allow you to work with confidence in all circumstances.


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