Yanmar SV100-2 CR Mini Excavator

MAKE: Yanmar
WEIGHT (KGS): 9625 | 2 Piece boom 10360
Width (mm): 2320 
Dig Depth (mm): 4290 | 2 Piece boom 4580
Dump Height (mm):
7570 | 2 Piece boom 7640
Engine Power (KW & HP):
51.7  70.3
PRICE: £p.o.a. + VAT


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The SV100 is exceptionally compact for an excavator in this weight category. The Semi ViO design allows the front of the cab structure to remain entirely within the width of the crawlers when slewing.
No other machine in this weight class is as compact and has such a high digging force.
Equipped with dozer blade and boom offset, the SV100 has the characteristics of a mini excavator and the performance of a large excavator.


  • Reduced rear swing radius
  • Possible to work in confined spaces
  • High working forces
  • Excellent stability (Victas® asymmetric tracks)
  • Precise and simultaneous movements (hydraulic VIPPS®)
  • Air Conditioning and fuel filling pump as standard
  • Full range of attachments available.


Download Brochure Sv100
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Download Brochure Sv100 (2Piece boom)
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