Yanmar B7 Sigma-6 Mini Excavator

MAKE: Yanmar
MODEL: B7 Sigma-6
WEIGHT (KGS): 8200
Width (mm): 2270
Dig Depth (mm): 4450
Dump Height (mm):
Engine Power (KW & HP):
41.4  56.4
PRICE: £p.o.a. + VAT


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B7 Sigma-6
The B7 Sigma-6 has an innovative triple articulated boom, which offers the ultimate productivity that excavators whether conventional, Zero Tail Swing (ViO) or ultra swing can provide.
This ultra short swing machine allows complete rotation (upper frame and equipment) within the crawler width. When working at boom offset in narrow trenches, the second part of the boom does not strike the left side of the trench so providing increased digging depth, as well as the ability to work in numerous positions without tracking the excavator.


  • Ultra short swing radius – most compact
  • Increased dig depth over traditional “ultra swing” excavators
  • Increased productivity in confined area – can turn a full 360 in just 2.7 metres width
  • Latest high powered Yanmar engine

Yanmar developed for the B7-6 a unique boom concept. It offers a three piece offset boom, made out of high tensile steel, which is 1,5 times stronger than normal steel. The Sigma boom has several big advantages due to the specifi c cinematic, it offers the best dumping height and digging depth in its class, combined with extraordinary digging depth.

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