Kubota, the world’s leading manufacturer of mini excavators up to 8 tonne, has launched an enhanced version of its popular KX080-4 machine. Already the cleanest emission excavator in the 8 tonne class, the new KX080-4a (Alpha) utilises the latest technological advancements to ensure the machines performance and productivity far exceed that of its competitors.

The new KX080-4a features a rugged and reliable direct-injection diesel engine with common rail system (CRS) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) muffler that helps to maximize digging strength whilst simultaneously reducing noise, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.  An Eco e-PLUS mode provides even greater fuel and work efficiency, all of which combine to make the 8-tonne excavator Stage III B compliant.

The KX080-4a offers all the performance benefits users have come to expect from Kubota’s existing 8 tonne excavator, but also features a new innovative 2-pump load sensing hydraulic system that improves the overall smoothness of operations when using the front attachments, regardless of load size. Hydraulic oil is allowed to flow according to the specific range of the operator’s lever motion, which reduces fuel consumption and delivers greater operating performance.

In addition, a versatile 2-Piece Boom version of the standard model offers expanded working range. Long reach and close retraction are easily achieved with the KX080-4a that helps make leveling large areas more efficient and productive. When space is restricted, the 2-piece boom has a compact front swivel radius to make turning and lifting operations in tight spaces simple.

Other key features fitted as standard include: an auto idling system; two proportional control auxiliary circuits; a safety valve on the boom and arm, and a proven sophisticated built in Anti-Theft system. To ensure smooth and efficient travelling, the KX080-4a is fitted with an advanced two-speed auto-shift feature that automatically adjusts speed and traction force depending on load size and terrain.

Maintenance on the KX080-4a is a straightforward task, thanks to the triple opening bonnet, ensuring all three access panels on the machine can be open at once. This allows for easy access and inspection of the main service points and components.

Dave Roberts, Managing Director of Kubota UK, said: “At Kubota, we are constantly striving to improve the performance and efficiency of our machinery as we know this is what end-users rely on to be able to complete their jobs effectively. The introduction of the new KX080-4a excavator not only provides our customers with the strongest performing machine we have to offer, but one that also meets all the latest emissions standards.”


Souce: kuk.kubota-eu.com