The Mega Jack 800 is an 800-tonne capacity jacking system that was launched in 2014 as part of ALE’s Innovation Series. Since then, it has been used to carry out jacking operations around the world and another system is now required to meet client demand.

Just like the first system, the new Mega Jack 800 will have four towers that are 12 metres high, including starter cassettes and special bracing cassettes to connect braces when there is a need to jack higher.


“Since we launched the Mega Jack 800 it has been constantly used on different projects, ranging from jacking bridges and offshore modules to heightening cranes,” said ALE technical director Ronald Hoefmans. “Clients like the versatility and time efficiencies of the system.”

He added: “A second system will not only be able to fulfil the demand, but the way it is built will give us the capabilities to jack-up bigger modules using up to eight towers and the possibility of putting two towers side by side with starter beams to give up to 1,600 tonnes capacity.”

The second Mega Jack 800 is expected to be ready before the end of August 2017. Its first job is in the UK, to jack up a bridge and launch it by skidding the towers over a barge.