Plant Tracker App to Secure Your Machinery from Theft

Did you know that only 5% out of all plant and machinery equipment stolen in the UK is successfully recovered when there is no tracking system installed?

Don’t let this happen to your business.

We know and realise that plant machinery, heavy-duty equipment and plant material is a valuable investment for your business. That’s why we have listed down the best plant tracker device, security solutions and plant tracking systems on our website that can protect items from your plant and machinery and ensure fast and accurate recovery in case they are stolen.

Here are some picks for plant machinery protection through powerful sophisticated and technologically advanced trackers:

Tracker Retrieve
This is a small yet ultra powerful transmitter that can be attached to the machinery discreetly and keeps the equipment secure by transmitting VHF signals. These signals can be detected even if the machinery is in a shipping container or underground parking. Plus, battery powered Tracker Retrieve comes with its own battery that lasts up to 5 years. It’s insurance approved and recommended by police.

Tracker Plant
Exclusively designed for construction equipment and agricultural equipment, Tracker Plant not only offers stolen vehicle tracking features but also comes with fleet management, driver activity monitoring, and running hours tracking. You can use the fleet management reports and servicing alerts to optimise your business processes and the VHF, GPS and GSM technology ensures that the plant machinery is recovered in the fastest time in case it gets stolen. Pan European coverage, geofencing, online Tracker website access, and support by all UK police forces included (conditions apply)

Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R
A tried, tested and trusted choice in plant trackers is the Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R whose rugged design and advanced functionality makes it ideal for agricultural, heavy-duty machinery. Aside from GSM based location tracking in real time, it offers hours capture to increase productivity, geofencing capabilities and on-the-go protection with Trackstar App for iOS and Android.

Masternaut MT1200
If you’re looking for a plant tracker that delivers the best results in all kinds of environment and the toughest of weather conditions, the powerful MT1200 is the best choice. It is best deployed on plant equipment that you intend to leave idle for longer periods of time and ensure round the clock security. It comes with super sensitive GPS technology, rechargeable battery, built in motions sensing and superior cellular quality as well.

Masternaut MT700
While this plant tracker cannot be recharged, it comes with a 7 years battery lifespan, and is ideal for vehicles that may be sitting idle for a long period of time. The tracking and communication device has GPRS and GSM connectivity, rugged design that will survive the most difficult of workout routines, built in motion sensor and cellular antenna included.

Big Change Asset Watch
Track, locate and monitor your equipment and machinery through this all-in-one solution exclusively designed for businesses on the go. Protect your plant equipment from theft and misuse and get live traffic updates, SMS updates, number of hours logged and more through a web-based application.

Other tracking device includes  TrackR sticker is a quarter-sized device that easily fastens or sticks to any item or device. Using the TrackR app, you can quickly locate your misplaced items in seconds by ringing your TrackR, or by using the Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS