APA 72/74

Operating Weight CECE: 950kg
Machine width: 740mm
Frequency: 36Hz
Centrigal Force: 72kN

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The large class of Add-On Compactors from Ammann is built for the 10-tonne to 40-tonne excavator class and for applications where a strong compaction performance is required.

The plates deliver excellent compaction power that delivers impressive compaction results. Depths of up to 1 m, depending on the size of the excavator, can be reached in one go. This helps to significantly safe time and resources compared to traditional compaction with vibratory plates.

The plates stick up by their high versatility in use and their robust design that makes them reliable and ready to go at any time.


APA 72/74
 Weights & Dimensions Metric
Operation weight CECE * 950 kg
A = Machine length 1142 mm
B = Machine width 740 mm
C = Machine height * 1350 mm
Technical specification
Frequency 36 Hz
Centrifugal force 72 kN
Required oil quantity 90 l/min
Required operating pressure max 250 bar
Maximum back pressure 10 bar
Recommended size of the carrier 10–20 t
* with mechanical positioner

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