Plant Machinery Dumpers Guide

Here at Coplant we offer a wide selection of dumpers available now in many different makes and models. With over 15 years of experience in the field of sourcing dumpers, we have the skills and expertise you need to find the right dumper for your job.

It may be the case that your project requires a used dumper. We understand it can be a tiresome and costly process to find the best dumper to suit the task in hand. That’s why we offer a tailored customer service approach, to ensure we know exactly what you need. Our high stock turnover means that if we don’t have an item on site we are able to quickly locate one from elsewhere, a process that usually only takes a few days. Please rest assured that your project’s demands will be met at Coplant Ltd.

At Coplant, our focus is always on getting things right for the customer. As a client-focused company, we ensure customers are always satisfied with their purchases. In addition, we carefully select the dumpers we choose to stock, so you will certainly get good value for money.

Dumpers come in various loads and makes such as:-

  • Benford
  • Terex
  • Thwaites
  • JCB
  • Neuson
  • Others

The 1 Ton Dumper

Small dumpers usually have a pay load of 1 to 1.5 ton, with a front tip forward tipping dumper, placing high volume materials is easy and smooth. These are also known as site dumpers They’re also extremely safe and easy to maintaine being small they can manover into small or hard to reach areas.

The 2 ton Dumper

These have the ability to carry more, and are generally rugged and durable machines, with a front tip forward tipping dumper, placing high volume materials is easy and smooth. For the ultimate in job site versatility, swivel tip dumpers can rotate a load through 90 degrees to each side of the machine before tipping. These machines are therefore ideal for backfilling trenches and working in confined spaces.

The 3 & 6 Ton Dumper

A mid-range dumper, the 3T offers a wealth of versatility and performance. They are built to last with plenty of strength to cope with the rental market. Many have a heavy duty damage resistant chassis which can help them deal even the toughest work sites.

What to Look for When Buying Used Dumpers

When purchasing used dumper vehicles, buyers should be wary of any wear and tear. Dumper are often used in the harshest conditions, which can compromise their framework. So, it is important to look for dumper vehicles that are double framed. This offers greater durability during heavy loading. Buyers should also look at the motor and the horsepower of the vehicle along with the transmission type. All components should be in proper working condition.

Check the Components of a Used Dumpers

The dump bed and hoist should function as intended. All of the dumper vehicle’s lights should work properly and the tyres should not have any excessive wear. If the vehicle has air brakes, buyers should ensure that the low pressure warning buzzer works and that the component has no air leaks. It is also important to examine the box, liners, and articulation joints.

Check the Fluids and Filters of a Used Dumper

In addition to visually inspecting the dumper, buyers should conduct an oil analysis by opening the bonnet, looking at the engine and filters, and checking the fluid levels. All fluids should be at the proper levels. Buyers should also inspect the oil filters or air filters for predetermined installation or removal date stamps.

Confirm the Usage Time of a Dumper

The number of hours the dumper vehicle has been used can offer an insight into its condition. Buyers should look for dumper that have less than 10,000 hours of use. After this time, many vehicles start to show signs of wear and tear and their lifespan decreases significantly. In general, the lifespan of dumper vehicles tends to range between 9,000 and 15,000 hours, depending on how well the dumper has been cared for.

Ask for a Test Drive of a Dumper

Buyers should find out if it is possible to test drive the dumper before purchase.

At Coplant, we encourage our customers to come a try our machines before making a purchase. We will discuss your needs with you and ensure that we find a suitable machine.

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